Spiritual Poison Oak

UNFORGIVENESS the Root of Bitterness.

Bitterness, Resentment, – Strife

God knows the hurt. He saw it all. And, is willing to comfort us and lead us through the processes.

Amazing how as we take things to God, in prayer, He supplies!

Including our hurts,
and our confessions
“Lord, I know I need to forgive. Please, help me!”
Praying for those who have hurt us.

Laying it down.

Our problem is reflecting on the wound. Picking at it, opening it up again, and having to repeat the process. But, we MUST!
Don’t pick at it. Leave it alone.

A process for sure,
Until it’s settled in our hearts. And, God’s peace heals the wound.

Glory be to God!


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Forgiveness / Mercy


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